Pre-Silicon verification Student

Job Description
Who are we?
Our group develops and implements Wireless technologies, using Multi-Comm Wireless solutions in integrated products that enable smart and easy use of Intel products' wide range of applications. We are working on delivering world-class Wireless connectivity technologies such as Wi-Fi, global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and location, Bluetooth, and Wireless Gigabit (WiGig). Within the group, our Pre-Si verification team is responsible that our Wireless Silicon solutions including its embedded SW meet all architecture requirements and flows. Pre-Si Verification is one of the top challenging jobs in VLSI industry today as it requires full System understanding, high-level programming, and great VLSI mindset.

What will you do when you come to work?
Pre-Si Verification daily work requires high-level programming skills. We develop modular verification environments that simulate VLSI and SW elements of the Wireless solution, using the most professional tools and language in the industry. Good understanding of the overall System flows till their very detailed aspects is required in order to reach high Quality verification of bug-less Silicons. This role is both interesting and challenging, while demanding great responsibility and good collaboration and team-work with designers and engineers from various disciplines. Our students enjoy the experience of growing as engineers in the VLSI world with best-in-class mentors and great place to work atmosphere


  • Qualifications
  • Student towards B.Sc. in Computer Science / Electrical Engineering /Computer Engineering.
  • At least 3 semesters remaining before graduation
  • Good interpersonal relationships
  • Advantage to students with familiarity in VLSI related disciplines

Inside this Business Group
Communication & Devices Group: The wireless revolution at Intel! We are one team - passionate engineers and technologists from diverse industry backgrounds working together to realize a world of connected computing. We are bringing the best ideas from the brightest minds to deliver future mobile experiences into the market. We are on the journey towards making Intel a wireless leader with exciting products for the Internet of Things, 5G and an opportunity to change the world with your work.

IL Intern JR0100049 Haifa

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