Master/PhD Engineering Student Worker

    • Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Job Description
Please be informed that Intel is proactively trying to find candidates for an Engineering Master/PhD Student Worker position which is frequently available at Intel Costa Rica. Please note that the position may not be available at this time. If you would be interested in this position should it become available, we would encourage you to apply, and our hiring team will be glad to contact you when/if relevant. A Student worker position is a great opportunity to increase your networking and begin a relationship with our company while you have great flexibility to finish your post graduate studies.

Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical/Electronics Engineering Master or PhD degree in process. Advanced English Level.

Preferred: Agile Knowledge, Automation knowledge or experience Analytical skills (Design of Experiments, design and prove hypothesis) Programming experience - one or more programming languages: Java, C/C++, C#, Python, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, DOTNet Problem Solving, debugging or troubleshooting. Hands-on experience working with computer devices (PCs, Smart and Connected devices) Familiarity with computer architecture analysis, performance profiling and debugging tools, such as Intel VTune, Intel SoC Watch, Microsoft WinDBG or Microsoft Windows Performance Toolkit.

Inside this Business Group
The Client Computing Group is responsible for all aspects of the client computing business across Phone, Phablet, Tablet and PC platforms, leading Intel's efforts to transform client computing through technologies, new form factors, and driving Intel's corporate-wide user experience initiatives. This spans all client device brands including hardware, software and connectivity ingredients for phones, tablets, Ultrabook™, All-in-Ones, 2 in 1 computing devices, and home gateways.

CR JR0134137 San Jose

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