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Job Description
What's better than working at Intel after graduation? Working at Intel now!  

About   the Position  
Intel's next-generation products   us e   the most advanced detection tools, operating advanced testing equipment ,   and systems that incorporate optics, laser, infrared ,   and   l ogic   a nalyzer   probing.   

As lab   student   at Intel you will build and maintain the lab environment for testing and development engineers and participate in fault detection and handle in the electronics, software and mechanical fields.   In addition, the role includes mechanical assembly, lab work, running a device calibration process with vendors, building and installing computers ,   and more.   

The role will expose you to new and   innovative   technology development environments on the cutting edge and dedicated and advanced testing and technology tools .  

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What We Are Looking For  

  • BSc. /   MSc.   s tudent s   in   c omputer   s cience,   e lectronics   e ngineering,   e lectrical   e ngineering,   i nformation   s ystems   E ngineering ,   or equivalent.  
  • Ability to work at least   30 hours a week (4 days)  

Preferred Qualifications  

  • Practical engineering diploma  
  • Knowledge in operation of lab equipment such as scope, logic analyzer, and others  
  • Technical experience with digital components  

* Please be informed that Intel is proactively trying to find candidates for Lab position and that this position may not be available at this time

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