DMTM Office Intern

    • Dalian, China

Job Description
Responsibilities may be quite diverse base on the department needs. For example, data collection and analysis, basic system maintenance, or other routine work which manager assigned.
Intern need department including: TD/PIE/training/IE/CS/ Finance/ Supply Chain 

实习需求部门包括:TD/PIE/training/ IE/CS/ Finance/ Supply Chain 

-who will graduate and get bachelor or above degree in 2021 /2022 ;
-No major requirement;
-Fluent English both in written and spoken;
-Skilled in Microsoft Office;
-Good communication skills;
-Good team player;
-Can work 3 days at least per week for 6 months

2021 或 2022 年毕业的本科或硕士
满足每周至少工作 3 个工作日,可以连续实习 6 个月

Inside this Business Group
Non-Volatile Solutions Memory Group:  The Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group is a worldwide organization that delivers NAND flash memory products for use in Solid State Drives (SSDs), portable memory storage devices, digital camera memory cards, and other devices.  The group is responsible for NVM technology design and development, complete Solid State Drive (SSD) system hardware and firmware development, as well as wafer and SSD manufacturing.

CN JR0115907 Dalian

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