Core Micro- Architect

    • Haifa, Israel

Job Description
Develop Intel's next generation Processor Core micro-architecture.
Analyze the performance and bottlenecks of the current generation and develop new algorithms and structures which can be implemented in hardware, to improve the performance in a power efficient manner.
Evaluate the new algorithms using simulations, tune and improve the algorithms for best performance and power.
Write specification documents for the micro-architecture, and work with the design team during the implementation of the next generation Core.


Outstanding EE or CS graduate.
Non-Experienced: MSc, or PhD degree.
Experienced: architect, micro-architect, senior logic designer

Inside this Business Group
The Silicon Engineering Group is a worldwide organization focused on the development and integration of SOCs, Cores, and critical IPs that power Intel's leadership products. This business group leverages an incomparable mix of experts with different backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, and experiences to unleash the most innovative, amazing, and exciting computing experiences.

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