Core Architecture Validation Student

Job Description
IA Core validation interns are responsible to ensure the logic correctness during the development of each new Intel Core product before it is being shipped to production.
The role includes developing dedicated verification environments and tools, while driving a complex process of exercising and debugging the design to verify its logical correctness. These environments are developed using unique, state-of-the-art languages and tools, and advanced software engineering methodologies.
Various validation techniques are used, such as simulation/emulation and digital verification, while offering a unique Hardware-Software experience.
In addition to various tools, languages and validation methodologies, interns will develop expertise with Intel Architecture and Micro Architecture and will be deeply involved in the process of defining new Intel features.
They are expected to be independent, creative, with the ability to innovate new solutions and demonstrate uncompromised quality during their work.
There are open positions for Pre and Post Silicon validation interns in Haifa.


Student towards B.Sc. or M.Sc. Degree in Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering/Software Engineering or Computer Science
- With at least 3 semesters left until graduation
- Ability to work at last 20 hours a week in regular business hours
- Good communication and/or interaction skills among groups inside and outside of Israel

- Experience in development in integrated software and/or hardware environment
- Experience in working with Verilog and Specman
- Familiarity with CPU architecture/assembly

Inside this Business Group

IL Intern JR0104318 Haifa

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