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Job Description
Who Are We?

Our vision at Intel's Real Sense Group is to enrich people's lives through devices and machines that perceive the world in 3D.
We work on a portfolio of computing devices including VR/AR devices, Smartphones, Drones, Robots and Peripherals.
Our mission is to enable our partners to build high volume products powered by best-in-class RealSense 3D technologies.
The Real Sense product portfolio includes 3D Cameras, Tracking Modules, Computer Vision libraries and ASICs for depth processing and sensing and understanding with world class algorithms.
This is what we do -

Why join us?

You will work on a complex system and 3D cutting edge technologies (such as stereo and coded light). You will have the time and ability to combine research in the academy along development of products.
Your role will include but won't be limited to:
1- Floorplan exploration with guidance and collaboration from FE team
2- STA: work with FE and floor planner to manage block and top level constraints and 1st level of timing analysis
3- Synthesis exploration and final synthesis netlist: Scan insertion @ synthesis, clean checks from Lint, UPF & Spyglass.
4- PnR: For PPA exploration to make sure the Synthesis netlist is the best at all the way to Route-opt stage
5- Implementation guidelines: Process, standard cells and track selection, memories, corners, metal layers, voltage levels, power grid, etc


What Are We Looking For?

  • 5 Years of Experience as BE engineer
  • Deep knowledge in: Synopsys tools and flows , Floorplan, STA, CTS, PnR, IR, EM, Physical verification, Chip integration, high frequency designs (RF, Analog)

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