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Job Description
What's better than working at Intel after graduation? Working at Intel now !    

About the   P osition    
Intel AI/ A lgorithmic developer   student   write s   the logic behind our products.   A reas in which   a lgorithmic   developers work   in clude   signal processing, image processing, computer vision ,   and more.  

As   an   A lgorithm   developer   student ,   you will design algorithms using advanced simulation tools while performing basic trade-offs: power, die size ,   and   performance. You will have the amazing opportunity to use your creativity to create algorithms from scratch and work closely with physics groups ,   system architects,   and   ASIC ,   f irmware , and s oftware teams  

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What   We Are Looking For  

  • Student s   studying   towards   a   M.Sc.   degree in for electrical engineering ,   computer science ,   or equivalent   
  • At least 3 semesters until graduation  
  • Ability to work at least 20 hours a week  

Preferred Qualifications  

  • Strong analytical and programming skills in C++  
  • Strong mathematical/analytical background  
  • Knowledge in   Matlab , Python, GIT  
  • Experience with systems like radars, communication or localization systems  

Please be informed that Intel is proactively trying to find candidates for AI / Algorithm Developer position and that this position may not be available at this time

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