Software Engineer, Systems Framework

    • San Francisco, CA


As a cloud-native startup, Instacart continues to grow at a record pace. Both as a product and a company the rapid evolution and problem solving requires passionate and professional software engineers focused on the infrastructure. The platform team solves the challenges of this growth by introducing new technologies and architecture, and building a layer of systems and frameworks on top of the new infrastructure to allow safe, effective use by the applications team. We build the pieces that power the highest-scale, most modern pieces of Instacart's products.


  • Build libraries, frameworks, and services to guide access to complex infrastructure
  • Work in partnership with application engineers to understand their needs and create tailored solutions
  • Research and deeply understand capabilities and limitations of storage, caching, messaging/queueing, scheduling, and other technologies
  • Create debuggable, observable systems with an eye towards excellent operational use
  • Mentor less experienced engineers

  • 5+ years experience
  • You have particular expertise in one or more of asynchronous processing, service discovery, storage and caching, security, or service-oriented architectures.
  • You have a customer focus. You are attentive to the needs of your application engineering partners and design solutions that fit their requirements
  • You are experienced and professional enough to manage your time, deflect distractions when necessary and drive projects to completion
  • You care about other people enough that you are thoughtful about what you say and open to feedback from others

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