Network Engineer

The Network Engineer is responsible for handling all network-related tasks for the company including multi-site Internet connectivity, VPN management, remote access, and implementing and maintenance of all LAN/WAN technologies in use. This role is located in Eddystone, PA.


Install, configure, and maintain all network devices for the organization including:
o Cisco Routers
o Cisco Switches
o Cisco Firewalls

Assist customers with installation and configuration of network devices as they pertain to connectivity to InsPro Technologies including VPN Tunnels and FTP Configuration

Configure site-to-site connectivity and establish and manage VPN circuits with customers

Establish, manage, and maintain all inter-office communications with the various InsPro locations and connections

Install, configure, and maintain RSQ two-factor authentication solution.

Configure and manage all mail routing for the organization

Other duties as assigned


Minimum 4 years experience configuring the following devices:
o Cisco Routers
o Cisco Firewalls
o Cisco switches

Minimum 4 years experience with the following functions, protocols, and features:
o Routing protocols
o Mail protocols (SMTP, etc)
o Configuring and managing Virtual Private Networks and various Internet circuits

B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience.

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