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Passionate for a cause? Then you would enjoy raising funds and recruiting volunteers for the who's who in the Christian, Nonprofit and conservative world. Still be part of a team from the comfort of your own home while earning a weekly paycheck and doing work that makes you feel good at the end of the day. You bring the equipment and we bring the technology to provide a work life balance.

WAH Requirements

Hardware Requirements:

  • A computer with either an Intel or AMD Processor
  • A 17" monitor ( or monitor that supports 1024x768 screen resolution)
  • Must be running one of the following versions of Windows. (Please note the minimum memory requirements for each):
  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 with 4GB memory
  • Windows 8 or 8.1 with 4GB memory
  • Windows 10 with 4GB memory

Software Requirements:

  • You must be using latest version of Internet Explorer ( the current version of IE is 11 for All versions of Windows)
  • Firefox and Google Chrome are not compatible.
  • You will need an approved antivirus package installed and running with libraries up to date.
  • To see a list of approved free antivirus/anti-malware: Click Here
  • Windows Firewall must be Turned On. Note that some antivirus software (Norton, McAfee, etc.) have firewall services built into them as well. These must be turned off.

High Speed Internet:

  • High Speed Internet is a must for working from home.
  • An active high speed CABLE or DSL internet connection with a minimum of 6.0 Mbps Downstream and 512 Kbps Upstream
  • To Perform a Speed Test on your Computer: Click here
  • PLEASE NOTE: DIAL-UP & SATELLITE internet connections are NOT compatible with the WAH program.
  • Due to performance issues and network security risks, WiFi routers or other wireless network devices are not permitted for WAH network connections

Telephone Requirements:

  • A phone line, phone services provided through Skype, or Magic Jack type services are not compatible.
  • Voice mail services (including answering machines) must be turned off when taking Coordinator calls. If the service can't be turned off it may cause issues when calling.
  • Digital phone service offered through DSL providers may cause issues when taking calls. Especially if service is bundled with internet.
  • For the same performance and security reasons, cordless phones should not be used. In fact the channels used by some cordless phones and your WiFi router use the same radio bandwidth. By FCC regulation when this conflict arises the phone MUST win. That means when your phone hits the same channel as your WiFi router you will momentarily lose your network connection. This will cause freezing of your VPN connection and possible disconnects.

Meet Some of InfoCision's Employees

Michael M.

Data Account Specialist

Michael manages a team of telephone services solution experts who assist customers in creating customized communication systems, as well as implementing and supporting them.

Kelsey W.

Senior Account Representative

As a Senior Account Representative, Kelsey works to execute the most effective marketing strategies to provide the highest ROI for her clients. Kelsey works hand-in-hand with the call centers to monitor campaigns and ensure program expectations are met.

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