QA Customer Service Coordinator

Job Title: Quality Customer Service Coordinator
Department: Quality Assurance
Reports To:Manager of Quality Assurance
FLSA Status:Non Exempt/ Salaried
Supervise the work of others: Yes

Position Summary:

The Quality Customer Service Coordinator assigns and oversees all Customer Service work to the Quality Customer Service Analysts (QCS Analysts), working closely with the QA Manager to prioritize workload as needed. Position is responsible for the supervision of all Quality Customer Service work which includes Verification requirements, all status 18 records in Import, Political Credit Card Declines, and Concerto Special Project Requests.

Duties and Responsibilities:

This list is not comprehensive but meant to represent the most common or important duties of the position. Other duties may be required and/or assigned.

  • Coordinate and provide direction of the Quality Customer Service work and the QCS Analysts.
  • Manage all records in an 18 status in Import through to completion within 30 days
  • Interface with Account Staff and Call Centers to answer questions and resolve gifts/sales on hold
  • Manage Political Credit Card Declined records through to completion
  • Oversee Support Requests
  • Conduct refresher trainings as needed for QCS Analysts to complete new assignments and improve productivity
  • Must be able to successfully hit metrics for the position
  • 100% of all records in an 18 status kept to no older than 30 days
  • 3 Attempts made on all Political Credit Card decline records within 10 days
  • All Support Requests received prior to 9pm each day are completed
  • Phone time may be required, when business needs dictate

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required: Excellent communication, organizational and analytical skills. Ability to oversee the work of others. Strong knowledge and experience working with the Microsoft Office applications.

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