Agronomist Scout (Temporary position)

Indigo is a company dedicated to harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet. With a vision of creating a world where farming is an economically desirable and accessible profession, Indigo works alongside its growers to apply natural approaches, conserve resources for future generations, and grow healthy food for all. Utilizing beneficial plant microbes to improve crop health and productivity, Indigo’s portfolio is focused on cotton, wheat, barley, corn, soybeans, and rice. The company, founded by Flagship Pioneering, is headquartered in Boston, MA, with additional offices in Memphis, TN, Research Triangle Park, NC, Sydney, Australia, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and São Paulo, Brazil.

We have an extraordinary opportunity to help farmers harness nature to feed the planet in a sustainable manner.  Our biological advancements enable us to work with farmers to improve agriculture in a way that creates enormous economic value while benefiting the environment and providing consumers a more natural food supply.

The role of the Agronomy Scout is to work with an Indigo Agronomist to delight Indigo growers with world-class crop advisory services.  Indigo Agronomy Scouts will work with an Indigo Agronomist directly with forward-thinking growers that have planted Indigo product on their acres and provide value-added agronomic services including but not limited to: field scouting, crop monitoring, input recommendations, and soil sampling.  Indigo Agronomist Apprentices will work with an Indigo Agronomist to learn knowledge of agronomy and row crop production, delivering exceptional customer service and building a long-lasting partnership with growers.  These efforts will enable grower success by maximizing farm profitability, productivity, and sustainability.



  • Collect and submit consistent field data to the Indigo Agronomist including but not limited to crop growth, weeds, insects, disease, and other environmental impacts on the crop
  • Collect and submit soil and / or plant tissue samples for analysis
  • Learn to promote cultural practices that enable growers to achieve profitable yields above their historical average
  • Learn process to create a strong feedback loop between the information collected and the Indigo Agronomist
  • Collect detailed, on-farm data utilizing precision ag technology and leverage for improved farm productivity, profitability, and sustainability



  • Willingness and desire to work outside and scout fields
  • Clear communication skills
  • Comprehensive understanding or desire to learn agronomy and row crop production practices
  • Loves continual learning, adaptable, and agile in approach - able to work in the Indigo system
  • Works as part of the agronomy to collect and submit consistent data
  • Able to utilize new technologies and tools to collect and submit consistent data



  • Crop specific experience in the employment geography
  • Farming background or a strong knowledge of farming
  • Passion for agriculture and willingness to support Agronomist in completing necessary tasks



  • Various locations throughout U.S.

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