Software Security Engineer

Security is something we take seriously. Our products and systems handle sensitive information at a massive scale. The critical nature of our business means that the code we ship and systems we use must abide by strict security practices. We’re looking to add a Software Security Engineer who can improve upon existing security and build new tools and bring fresh ideas from all areas, including distributed computing, large-scale system design, networking, data storage and machine learning. You obviously need to possess a full suite of software development skills but really have a passion and interest in security/privacy related matters. This role will work closely with our Engineering, IT and Business teams but report directly to the VP of Strategy.


  • A degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or related field. Any advanced degrees or research on security systems is a bonus
  • Detailed technical knowledge of application/network/systems security, authentication or malware analysis as well as work on applied cryptography, vulnerabilities and remediation strategies
  • The ability to write clean, quality code. The particular languages you know aren’t overly important but we’ll want to test you on a few you are comfortable with
  • A passion and interest in software security. Any personal projects or self-initiated research in the field would be great
  • Real-world experience in unit and integration test automation and with multi-threaded programming


  • Collaborate with key members of Engineering, IT and Business teams to understand and implement new security standards
  • Design and apply advanced security techniques, develop advanced security and cryptographic systems and build large-scale detection systems to help mitigate security vulnerabilities
  • Audit existing testing practices and code review and implement improvements
  • Develop and share security best practices with all of our Engineering teams
  • Be responsible for full-cycle development - you will own your code from design through implementation and testing

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