Data Engineer

Data is a big deal at Index Exchange. Our advertising exchange handles billions of auctions and generates multiple terabytes of auction-related information every day. Our Data Engineering team builds tools and infrastructure to manage this vast amount of data. Working within our larger Software Engineering team, our Data Engineers use a specialized suite of tech and hardware to pipe, parse and maintain our data, including the oversight of multi-petabyte clusters. We’re looking for Data Engineers to join our team, and help build the next generation of big data solutions at Index Exchange with real time streaming and batch analytical capabilities.

Working on the cutting edge of exciting technology, you’re afforded the opportunity to experiment with new tools and attempt radically different approaches than traditional software development affords. Every day with the Data Engineering team is different and each project presents its own set of new and exciting challenges. Things shift very quickly in our industry, and we rely on the Data Engineering team to keep us and our clients ahead of the curve and moving in the right direction. We’re looking for Engineering who have worked well in Agile environments and who can drive innovation and experimentation without a lot of hand-holding - it’s small team and we’re looking for someone who can jump in and contribute right away.  

Here’s what we want:

  • Problem Solver: You need to be someone who is curious and loves taking multiple approaches to solving a problem to find the most efficient, scalable solution
  • Collaborative: We need someone who can work well with other people - both your immediate team as well as all the other departments across Index
  • Passionate: A passion for Big Data and an interest in the latest trends and developments is key for success on this team. We want you to constantly research, study and create new tools and data technologies to improve cluster productivity without sacrificing existing capabilities
  • Logical: Amazing logic, a love of algorithms and/or experience with artificial intelligence
  • Self-driven: You’ll be on a small team with lots of autonomy and you need to be comfortable pushing your own projects and getting things done

Here’s what you have:

  • A degree in Computer Science/Engineering
  • 5+ years of experience in a software engineering environment and 2+ years of experience building high performance, high throughput, and distributed data pipeline and big data platform with Hadoop, Spark, Kakfa, Hive, MapReduce, Impala, and Presto
  • High-degree of comfort with both Linux and SQL. Familiarity with MySQL and NoSQL systems a plus
  • Experience with Agile methodologies as well as automatic testing frameworks and tools
  • Knowledge of data warehousing and business intelligence reporting tools is preferred
  • Having worked with Java, C++, Perl and Golang will benefit you


Meet Some of Index Exchange's Employees

Emily M.

VP, Marketing & Communications

As the inaugural VP of Marketing & Communications, Emily is responsible for building a team that handles everything from product marketing and communications to events and social media.

Tricia D.

Director, Mid-Market Development

Tricia's role is part ad-tech, part account management, with a focus on onboarding clients, developing client strategy, and maintaining that client relationship throughout the lifecycle of the entire partnership.

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