PowerShell Developer

Curious to know more about our newest career opportunity now?

We have a PowerShell developer position available.

More on what you'll be doing…

  • Setup and deployment/configuration/teardown of on premise and cloud infrastructure
  • Setup and deployment/configuration/teardown of on premise and cloud applications
  • Server administration.
  • Build automation.
  • API integration testing.
  • Test data creation (files and database).
  • Surfacing infrastructure, and application, telemetry to monitoring tools.
  • ETL activities (e.g. from build, test and work item tracking systems).

What experience do you need to have?

  • Basic PowerShell language syntax
  • Modules (or 'dot' sourcing)
  • Logging in PowerShell
  • Pester (PowerShell Testing Framework)
  • JSON, XML handling with PowerShell
  • HTTP requests in PowerShell
  • PowerShell Remoting
  • Source control using git

Meet Some of Improving's Employees

Vaughn J.

User Experience Consultant

Vaughn teams up with clients to improve the user experience of their applications. He also visits other Improving branches for special projects and completes on-site client sprints.

Kristin K.

Director, Marketing

Kristin develops strategic marketing efforts across six enterprises and their markets. She also keeps track of internal marketing initiatives and budgets.

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