Senior DevOps Engineer


  • Provide 24x7 support to an enterprise-level global platform
  • One week on-call with rotating schedule
  • Build tools/scripts to automate common processes
  • Architect enterprise solutions and build proof-of-concepts to solve systemic issues
  • Respond to system alerts by troubleshooting and either fixing or managing escalation to Dev/Ops team
  • Manage architecture and maintenance of the build and continuous integration environment
  • Use Chef and Puppet to architect/build fully automated server/environment deployments
  • Always be on the lookout for new metrics, dashboards, alerts to expose system performance/stability
  • Design dashboards/reporting to provide transparency to Client Service, Ops and Development teams
  • Work closely and frequently with Ops/Dev and Client Services through clear communicative emails and group chats



  • Solid experience with infrastructure as code platforms - specifically Puppet and Chef
  • Awesome scripting skills (Bash, Python, Ruby, PHP)
  • Experience with distributed version control systems (Git/Mercurial)
  • A working knowledge of Debian/Ubuntu packaging, basic administration
  • Experience with NodeJS - this is our new UI
  • PHP is required for troubleshooting and maintaining legacy infrastructure scripts
  • A working knowledge of java architecture
  • MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL database usage and basic administration
  • Experience with Build/CI tools (TeamCity/Jenkins, MSBuild/Maven)



  • Experience with NodeJS
  • Experience with NoSQL (Cassandra, Aerospike, Druid)
  • Experience with messaging architectures (RabbitMQ/Kafka)
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services (EC2, ASG, S3, Redshift, SWF, SQS, SNS and/or CloudWatch)
  • Experience with monitoring systems (Zabbix, Collectd, Graphite and/or Sensu, Nagios, Grafana)
  • Actual java development skills

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