Summer 2017 Internship

About IEX

IEX is the fair, simple, and transparent stock exchange that believes every investor is entitled to the same right to trade on equal terms on every trade. The SEC recently approved IEX as a registered national securities exchange—as the first new U.S. exchange in more than six years, IEX is on a mission to level the playing field, eliminating unfair advantages from the markets. IEX is an exchange that believes markets should reward smarter—not faster.

IEX was started in early 2012, currently has about 75 employees and is headquartered in New York.

Internship Overview

Over the course of our 10-week paid internship you will:

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of U.S. stock market microstructure, including the interests of—and interactions between—exchanges, brokers, HFT and buy-side investors
  • Learn the inner workings of a stock exchange, including the technology involved and regulatory approval process
  • Witness and participate in the early stages of the newest U.S. stock exchange
  • Conduct research on trading strategies and general market dynamics, and present your findings to the team


  • Rising college senior, preferably in a quantitative field of study such as Computer Science, Math, or Engineering
  • Demonstrated interest in both data science and finance/trading
  • Passionate about learning new technologies and concepts
  • No ego—you won’t be asked to buy coffee for the team, but you’re the kind of person who would be happy to do so!
  • Solid problem solving skills with the ability to consistently produce at a high level
  • Belief in IEX’s mission

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