Software Engineer- IoT

Hypertherm seeks an innovative Software Engineer to join our After Sales Team. This an exciting opportunity to utilize your software development skills and join a 100% associate owned company. This position will be focused on our ‘Internet of Things’ platform build-out and will work across all product teams to ensure we are adequately connecting our products (plasma, waterjet, laser, CNC, software) to the IoT platform. This role will also work with a diverse set of customers to define and deliver value added interfaces and reporting about the connected products.

Our ideal candidate for this position:

  • B.S. in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering
  • 3+ years in a software development role
  • Adept at rapid prototyping and iterative development
  • Enjoys working with other people in engineering and non-engineering fields to understand and solve problems
  • Has built or contributed to applications that manage, process, and analyze data
  • Has built or contributed to applications that provide a rich user experience through connected data
  • Strives to understand the needs of C/customers throughout the product design process
  • Uses Test Driven and Behavior Driven Development (TDD, BDD) to build high quality, valuable software
  • Has designed or contributed to systems using Windows and real-time operating systems
  • Is able to contribute at many levels and with a variety of programming languages – server-side control and data modeling through client side views and styling

Experience and skills related to many of these areas is desired:

  • Experience in General Programming –
  • Ruby, Python, JavaScript
  • Mobile Development and Testing (Objective C/Swift, Java, .NET, Appium, Calabash)
  • Embedded Software (C, C++)
  • Testing frameworks (RSpec, Cucumber, Capybara, Selenium, n/j/xUnit)
  • Revision Control (Git)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Experience with User Interface design and testing for maximizing the user experience and user efficiency
  • Web Design (HTML, CSS)
  • Experience building user-focused solutions with web, data and UI-rich platforms such as ThingWorx, Xively or other similar Internet of Things data platforms
  • Experience with web platform tools & networks.
  • IoT Platforms/Tools (MQTT, AMQP, CoAP, Websockets, JSON/XML APIs)
  • CI, Build Automation Tools (Jenkins, Travis CI, Bamboo)
  • Cloud Hosting Platforms (Amazon Web Services, Heroku, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud)
  • Industrial networks (EtherCAT, SERCOS, CAN)
  • Office networks (LAN, WLAN)
  • Data modeling experience
  • Database modeling and access tools or frameworks (ActiveRecord, SQL )

Meet Some of Hypertherm's Employees

Justin G.

Staff Engineer, Software – Light Industrial Products

Justin architects the computer processor and embedded software used to operate Hypertherm's mechanized plasma cutting platforms and modern technologies.

Ryan R.

Team Leader, IS Application Development

Ryan leads Hypertherm’s data-centric software programming and integration. He keeps Hypertherm's business units in sync and helps the company maintain its competitive edge.

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