TradeOps Developer - Europe (Python)

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    • Dublin, Ireland
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The Trading Operations (TradeOps) team is responsible for managing HRT's live trading environment. We play a role in everything that HRT does to create and maintain the most robust and efficient trading platform in the world. A TradeOps Developer might work on Ops-specific tools, take on development projects with Core or Algo, or tackle challenges facing other areas of the company. Project areas include: market access, monitoring and compliance, algo/strategy evaluation and management, performance tuning, and trading automation. Anything that touches our globally distributed production environment is fair game! 

We're looking for someone who loves technology and wants to work on a broad range of projects using various tool(s) to best solve the problem at hand. Excellent communication is a must, along with a can-do attitude.

The Role

  • Write automation jobs in Python that support the mechanics of managing our global trading network
  • Help us release a lot of code (our main repo deploys after each commit) that reaches into every office and department at HRT while using the latest technologies and techniques in Python and Software Engineering to drive improvements to all our systems, new or old
  • Write deployment and monitoring systems (everything from the backend processes to the user-visible desktop GUIs) in Python to help our real-time analysts discover and investigate internal and external outages
  • Develop tools to automate our daily trading processes
  • Work with all the other teams at HRT (all of them! We do projects for algo, core, finance, business development, systems and people ops) to ensure that their technical solutions will work cohesively and at scale

The Skills

  • Excellent design, debugging, and problem solving skills
  • Python skills required
  • Experience deploying and maintaining applications. You’ve seen an application from the design phase through the production phase
  • Knowledge of UNIX operating systems (we use Linux), system/processor performance, and network communication
  • Comfortable debugging networked programs on a UNIX terminal

The Profile

  • You attained a Bachelor’s in Computer Science or have commensurate experience
  • You’re a Pythonista
  • You have experience working with databases (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis)
  • You can analyze and fix problems quickly
  • You can look at code, figure out how it works, and how to make it better
  • You really like to work with people who challenge you and make you better at what you do​
  • You have excellent communication skills and a willingness to admit mistakes
  • Experience with (or a strong interest in learning) UI Design / Qt / HTML / CSS

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