Software Developer


Hudl is changing the future of sports technology. We build video analysis and stats tools for teams around the world, at every level of competition. Our software provides the insight that over 3.5 million coaches and athletes need to help them win.

We are currently looking for multiple Software Developers to join various projects across Hudl. Examples of these projects include working on tools to allow Hudl Developers to work at their best, work on system design and back-end engineering or contribute to sport specific projects such as American Football. 


  • have experience coding at all levels of a web-app stack: from the front-end JavaScript all the way down to the database. You’ll likely be working with technologies like React and Bootstrap, C# and ASP.NET MVC, MongoDB, and a number of AWS services.

  • translate real-world problems into elegant code solutions. In the coming months your team will be working on projects around Containerizing our microservices, adding better automation around safe deploys (think canary deploys, automated monitoring and automated deploy promotion/rollback) or working on the next iteration of our custom high-scale video transcoding farm.

  • understand the balancing act between crafting a robust, lasting solution and banging something out right now. Your customers are the other engineers and product team members at Hudl. Some of our tools are treated like experiments and others we need to build for the long term.

  • are excited to have your work used by real people to solve real problems.

  • hate the idea of being a cog in the machine—you want to own your features.

  • have a passion for code. You take pride in your Stack Overflow reputation, side projects, or open source contributions.


  • treat you like an adult. We didn’t hire you to babysit you. Take as much vacation as you need.

  • take care of you. Our health insurance and retirement plans allow you and your family to sleep soundly.

  • feed you. Our Lincoln and Omaha offices have lunch catered in every day. London, Boston and Sydney get it once a week.

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