Technical Trainer Graduate - Multiple Language Skills

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Job Background:

The Indigo Training Center, being part of customer service & support, is aiming to accelerate our customer's understanding in a professional environment with hands-on learning that includes hardware, digital front end, and specialty classes.

Our trainers have the learning, presentation and technical skills to understand, explain, transmit and verify knowledge on the complex Indigo printing products and customer workflow.

Job Description:

The Graduate trainer will:

  • Learn about several HP Indigo digital presses & solutions and will develop a deep technical and troubleshooting understanding in order to support, and eventually deliver full trainings to our customers.
  • Understand customer production environments and aims to become a trusted advisor in teaching our customers best practices to run digital print production.
  • Have the ability to adapt training content to specific customer needs.
  • Develop skills in using innovative training and delivery models, such as blended learning.
  • Master the soft skills to manage a classroom with people from different backgrounds, cultures and skills.

Educational background

a Master of engineering in Printing & Graphic Communication/Printing Technology/Graphic Arts


a Master of Science in Electromechanical Engineering / Paper Science & Print Media .

Other relevant specialties we are interested in:
  • Prepress, Color management & DFE (Digital Front End) Specialization
  • Materials/Substrates/Media Specialization
  • Relevant internships or Practice Programs
  • Teacher Training Program or Master of Arts in Teaching/Master in Education

Skills Required:

  • Learns technical concepts quickly
  • Enjoys transferring knowledge in diverse manners and towards different types of audiences.
  • Passionate about working with and for customers.
  • Strong listening, speaking and written communication skills.
  • Analytical evaluation skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team-oriented environment as well as being able to work well independently
  • Ability to perform under high-pressure situations
  • Fluency in English & French is a must in addition to fluency in other languages such as German, Italian or Spanish
  • Having relevant experience/knowledge in any of the following is considered a plus:

  • Print Production Life Cycle: from concept to print, may include supplying press-ready files, finishing etc.
  • Adobe CC, imposition, preflight and/or RIP software, in commercial print, labels or packaging.
  • Color management workflows and procedures, in commercial print, labels or packaging.
  • Teaching, giving workshops or similar (may include tutoring, peer tutoring, learning by teaching, monitoring children's activities etc.)


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