Pod Leader Care Center

    • Sant Cugat del Valles, Spain

Support our Indigo end customers and HP Service workforce on the resolution of technical issues and accelerate the adoption of HP Service Edge program by building a competitive advantage through a lean support experience in the Digital printing market.

The Remote Support organization, responsible for remotely resolving the technical issues of our customers and if needed, identifying the parts required and the convenience of sending a Field Services Engineer (FSE) to repair the product onsite.

As POD leader will require supporting RSE people by high technical expertise on the Indigo technology providing quick and effective remote resolution to our customers, results in a high-quality customer experience and optimizes productivity of our customer presses. The RSE works on a virtual ecosystem with our Field Support engineers ensuring that the right solution is delivered at the right time for our customers.

The POD leader will support the RSE by sitting physically very close as the RSE typically engages with our customers over remote tools (telephone, email and virtual tools)

The POD leader will follow up with the RSE until customer issue resolution.

Support efficiency and effectiveness of the solutions provided by the RSE with support of the POD leader are key to accomplish our organization goals on Customer Experience, Remote Resolution, Quality and Cost.


As an Indigo Remote Support Engineer this person will work across the different support functions defining the end-to-end activity leading to the right customer solution.

His/her primary roles are to:

  • Provide expert support to remotely resolve hardware and/or software issue for customers, including product calibrations, adjustments, and SW upgrades.
  • Trigger an onsite interaction (parts and/or FSE dispatch) in case the issue cannot be fixed remotely. Right diagnosis and parts identification are key to ensure proper handover to the Field Services Engineer.
  • Support to Document case history and interactions with customer in HP's Customer Relationship Mgmt. SW (CRM) to ensure proper handover to field, product/case history tracking and reporting. (Issue, Customer Inputs, Data Gathered, Troubleshooting performed, Diagnostic, Parts Dispatched, Contacts / Follow ups with customer, etc.). Prepare FSE prior to the visit, updating case notes and systems with all troubleshooting steps performed.
  • Support RSE to Proactively engage with Customers to support them on press maintenance routines. Manage predictive cases (avoiding press failures to happen) and guide and advice customer on supplies lifespan.
  • Contribute & train the Knowledge Mgmt. System (KMS) sharing the knowledge with the rest of the organization

Metrics to measure Remote Support Engineer contribution are: Customer Satisfaction, Diagnostic Accuracy, Remote Resolution Rate, Time to resolve, Parts Consumption and Efficiency.

Skills Required:
  • This position requires solid technical skills and proven Indigo experience from the field or from Indigo role with high knowledge on the presses ,
  • Required to lead , train , mentor and act relative fast for troubleshooting complex presses & system issues, along with communication skills,
  • Strong analytical and remote troubleshooting skills: solid diagnosis skills with ability to remotely collect and manage information and translate customer faced symptoms into a product issue.
  • Problem solving skills to define action plans to get issues resolved. Proficiency in translating analysis into strategies and actionable plans.
  • Ability to work under pressure, understanding customer needs and setting the right priorities for each case.
  • Teamwork skills to collaborate with other members of the RSE and share knowledge

Education and Experience Required:
  • Strong technical background with bachelor's degree in Science/Engineering - preferably Mechanical, Industrial or Electrical Engineering - or equivalent.
  • Ability to follow and read electrical / electronic diagrams.
  • Command of English. Excellent Verbal and written communication skills
  • Customer service skills. Experience in remote troubleshooting in a technical environment. Analytical and problem-solving skills. Ability to solve and document solutions for customers in complex situations. Ability to contribute to technical action plans
  • Experience in Graphics Arts products and related technologies will be valued.
  • Analytical and troubleshooting methodologies.

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