Marketing/Business Analyst & Operations Intern

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This internship will be part of the HP Consumer Market Sales team and will support the HP Commercial Champion Navigator Manager.

Apprentice includes students working at hp who are enrolled in apprenticeship programs in association with their university. Typically used in countries where specialized apprenticeship programs exist. College Interns are university students who are working at hp during their study or in summer breaks between university semesters. College Intern is only used in selected countries where it is not the practice to differentiate based on academic year completed.

Education and Experience Required:
Enrolled in University.

Part One: The online experience for buying PC's and Printer's is growing and retail store purchases are on the decline. HP needs to make sure that we get consumers back into stores to buy. This role will conduct a series of consumer buying studies, then provide an analysis with recommendations for getting millennials and baby boomers back to retail stores to buy consumer PC and Printers from HP. The role will work with a key HP contractor that assists HP with covering 3,000 retail stores (Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, etc.) and also with another contractor that is currenting conducting a social media based pilot to draw more consumers into retail stores.

Part Two: HP provides program funding to our partners so they have an HP Champion/Navigator full time in their company. This program has just tripled in size and needs assistance in operationalizing many aspect of the business. This role will assist with designing and streamlining goal tracking reports, financial analysis reporting, program documentation alignment, creation of communication templates and align ROI analysis of key demand generation activities.

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