Junior Mechanical Procurement Engineer and Vendor Manager

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Responsible for the sourcing strategy of critical technologies for 3D and Large Format Printing Procurement Engineering organization.

- Considering the entire product life cycle needs.

- Building market technology and cost intelligence at part/subsystem/function level, identifying the possible suppliers.

- Influencing early design decisions to get the most efficient supply chain for new products (dfx).

Responsible to select and manage the assigned suppliers,

- Integrating the needs of all the New Program Developments and entities (3D, LFP, Product Generation Operations, Global Manufacturing Operations, Central Direct Procurement Services, Distribution Centers, Service,...) and driving their results.

- Negotiating with vendors pre and post Manufacturing Release Cost Reduction, and the rest of business deliverables (including terms & conditions, contracts and Intellectual Property handling).

- Growing a strong partner relationship by building personal empathy and thru proactive and fair interactions.

- Leading HP internal alignment, ensuring consistent messages to the vendors.

- Periodical business reviews to suppliers, including performance evaluation and development plan.

Ensure the Procurement technical deliverables are met,

- Including parts/subassemblies specs clarification, manufacturing processes, tooling, quality control plan, assurance of supply, prototypes for builds, metrology.

- Proactively working with the rest of CDPS team and with Manufacturing Partners (MPas), responsible for some NPD technologies and for production activities (once the product is introduced in the market).

Project Manager for assigned Procurement processes or projects, leading their implementation within the organization.

Education and Experience:

Bachelor' s (or upper) Degree in Industrial/Mechanical Engineering with:

1. Fluency in English.

2. Availability to travel and willingness to partner with people from other cultures.

3. Solid Technical and Business skills: Strong technical knowledge and market investigation intelligence (intuition, inquisitiveness, strategic vision).

4. Strong negotiation skills: Able to get the best deal for HP without breaking the relationship and without impacting the schedules. Good control of the communication pace. Creating empathy with the partner.

5. Project Management skills: Able to deploy cross-organizational implementation plans thru partners, timely track progress, identify deviations and proactively take corrective actions. Strong leadership, able to effectively sell own ideas, and to influence others to buy-in and follow them without having direct control. Good team leader.

6. Strong Team Building and teamwork: Able to build rapport with partners so that new ideas can be accepted smoothly; and to give/receive open and honest feedback in a positive attitude.

7. Excellent Presentation and Communication skills: Clear presentations, going directly to the point and transmitting high level of confidence.


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