Intern for IT Business

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This is a College Intern position with the WEhp Human Resource IT (HRIT) organization.

HRIT Team enables employees through consolidated HR systems to manage talent, performance and productivity activities to meet their personal and organizational goal. This team is responsible for developing systems used to drive HP systems in HR space.

In this role, you will develop HR application software to test and develop in HP production environment.

Education and experience required:

• Continuing final year of a Bachelor's degree program in electrical or computer engineering or computer science

• Availability to work 6hrs per day for 12months.

• Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills in an agile and distributed team

• Fluency in English; strong written and verbal communication skills

• Data driven problem solving skills.

• Demonstrated ability in one or more of the following additional areas:

• Experience with the Visual Studio development and test suite

• Experience with embedded C/C++ .NET or Java or HTML or XML Scripting

Looking for a passionate candidate who has the zeal and the skillset to excel in a fast-paced environment. Also, who is willing to convert after graduation to an entry level developer role if he/she is deemed as a great fit for the organization future.

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