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Apprentice includes students working at hp who are enrolled in apprenticeship programs in association with their university. Typically used in countries where specialized apprenticeship programs exist. College Interns are university students who are working at hp during their study or in summer breaks between university semesters. College Intern is only used in selected countries where it is not the practice to differentiate based on academic year completed.

Education and Experience Required:
Enrolled in University.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Supports the Supplies Business Development Managers in activities that enable achieving Sell-out, Sellin and Channel Inventory goals
  • Updates twice per week supplies dashboard per channel consolidating info about sellout, sellin, inventory and SWAT file
  • Develops reports per channel addressing sales opportunity for specific part number, helping on the supplies forecast per account
  • Provides sellin recommendation for customers based on sellout and inventory
  • Create graphs per account and segment showing weekly evolution
  • Updates the supplies x printers search database for online channels
  • Manages SharePoint information about supplies for salesmen
  • Competition research and analysis
  • Develop communication for salesmen, supplies news and promotions like GRM file and circulares
  • Create product description files for channels
  • Support in budget control for specific projects
  • Provides monthly Tabloid Share analysis
  • Provide supplies for demo in events

Meet Some of HP's Employees

Alex J.

Research Engineer, HP Labs

Alex conducts in-depth research and experimentation for various HP departments, allowing the company to create consumer-worthy products that disrupt the industry and change lives around the world.

Karla F.

COO Chief of Staff

Karla assists with the coordination of every project HP’s COO undertakes, ranging from strategy, IT, and procurement to real estate, customer support, and more.

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