Employee Engagement Internship


Four-year university students who are working in a non-technical internship role during their study or in summer breaks between university semesters.

Education and Experience Required:

Area of Study

  • Completion of sophomore or junior year in college
  • Business major with focus in marketing or public relations
  • Alternate: Communications major


  • Some prior experience: part-time jobs related to major/discipline
  • Recommendation(s) – professors, mentors
  • Extra-curricular activities with demonstrated leadership
  • Demonstrate knowledge of employee engagement and what that means for a corporation
  • Mid to advance level skills: Microsoft word, powerpoint, excel, sharepoint, Office 365

Meet Some of HP's Employees

Elizabeth B.

Product Manager

Elizabeth focuses on the HP consumer experience, scaling best practices across premium consumer notebooks, testing products before public release, and crafting the compelling story of their design and performance for press workshops.

Ramsey A.

Product Manager

Ramsey leads the U.S.-wide HP Premier Upgrade Program. This new consumer program spreads the cost to own HP’s top devices over 24 months at 0% APR, with a new device every two years.

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