Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence Analyst

Job Description

The Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence Analyst is charged with advancing our knowledge of adversary intent, opportunity, and capability to cause harm to HP's global business. They are responsible for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of Cyber Threat Intel, enabling both internal Cybersecurity teams to focus prevention and detection efforts as well as enabling the business to better make informed, risk-based decisions.


- Develop and refine cyber threat intelligence collection and analysis processes
- Collect and process both technical and non-technical, internal and external, threat intelligence
- Produce detailed intelligence analysis reports on cyber threats with a potential to impact HP
- Present relevant findings to both technical and non-technical audiences
- Develop executive briefings
- Issue advisories on critical threats and vulnerabilities
- Identifies gaps in both processes and technology, develop capabilities to enhance existing cyber threat intelligence functions
- Support detection and response teams with context and analysis support, provide industry expertise and recommend relevant remediation and countermeasures
- Develop in-house tools to assist with collection and analysis of intelligence information

Knowledge and Skills Required:

- Extensive knowledge of standards of intelligence collection and analysis tradecraft.
- Experience tracking and reporting on cyber espionage, cyber crime, and other malicious cyber actors.
- Extensive knowledge of standard signature and information sharing data formats and exchange protocols - e.g., Yara, STIX/TAXII, etc.
- Understanding of common operating systems and IT Infrastructure such as Windows, Unix/Linux, Active Directory, firewalls, proxies, etc.
- Familiarity with automation concepts and proficiency in scripting languages such as Python, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, Powershell, etc.
- Strong analytical skills and critical thinking skills
- Effective communication skills (both written and verbal)
- Strong organization, prioritization, and rationalization skills.
- Knowledge of public cloud services a strong plus

Education and Experience Required:

- Bachelor's Degree or higher in the field of Computer Science or Information Security or related field (may be substituted for experience and industry certifications)
- 5 or more years experience in one or more of the following cybersecurity functions:
- Cyber Threat Intelligence
- Intrusion Detection/Prevention Monitoring
- Incident Response
- Forensics
- Vulnerability Management
- Individual technical Cyber Security Certification through one of the recognized bodies preferred: SANS, ISACA, (ICS)2, GIAC, CompTIA, etc.


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