Change Management Lead

The role is Employee Change Management Lead, ERP:

You'll report to the head of employee change management to deliver a change management strategy and set of tactics to deliver on targeted business change initiatives.

You'll consult on smaller business change initiatives, and be able to provide access to tools and templates to enable project teams to follow a standard approach to implementing change.

You'll preferably be based in Palo Alto, CA., so you have close access to your stakeholders who are in this location.

You'll work side by side with the leaders of the change initiatives and their teams to build and implement your change management plans. So, you need to be able to build strong working partnerships with your stakeholders and influence across many different levels within the business

This is an individual contributor role, but you'll have access to a group of super smart and collaborative peers in the HR function and business. So, you need to be able to influence individuals and teams to own and implement your strategies

Your manager will the head of employee change for HP and she reports to the global head of Employee Experience for HP, Inc.

On a typical day you might …

Consult with a business leader on how an approach for implementing their change initiative, including helping the team think through key stakeholders groups, how to drive employee-centric change, and timelines and tactics to deliver your change management plan.

Bring teams of people together, from across the organization, to support and drive the implementation of your change plan. You may be setting up meetings to influence involvement and contributions of key groups of people, or you may simply be reporting on progress. That's the fun part of change – something different to do every day!

Create actions and tactics that help deliver your change management plans, or in other words, doing the work that features in your change management plans. Be that creating written communications, building PowerPoint presentations, or managing logistics. Of course, we have a team of great folks who can help you, but you will be expected to build tactics as well as plans.

Obsess about the employee experience and how through the delivery of your plans, not only do you help the business achieve their goals, but also position employees to move positively through the change.

Connect with sponsors and stakeholders to ensure that they are aware of the progress you are making, as well as helping you think through and remove roadblocks. Help stakeholder groups connect the dots across functions, so we are working toward one common goal and understand their contributions fit with the bigger picture

Coach business leaders and HR stakeholders on various aspects of leading and managing through change. Provide guidance on possible approaches or solutions to resolving roadblocks and dealing with potential areas of resistance before they occur.

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