Research Technician

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Job Summary:

We have an exciting opportunity for a Research Technician position in biochemistry and protein-peptide chemistry in the Torii lab at the University of Washington. Under general supervision, assist scientists and other technicians in the performance of laboratory and investigative procedures by performing a variety of routine experimental techniques such as electrophoresis, centrifugation, chromatography, and the like. Collect, verify, record, and compile data and information in support of research. In addition, tasks include basic lab maintenance tasks, such as organizing and maintaining inventories, maintaining equipment, and place purchase/repair/maintenance orders and follow them up. This position will be a full-time appointment with benefits. If superb candidates prefer flexible (part-time) arrangements, that may be negotiable. This is a regular position with benefits.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Assist scientists, technicians, and students by collecting, organizing, inventorying, and maintaining biological material.
  • Collect, record, organize and verify the accuracy of data, specifically biological materials; perform calculations and prepare charts, graphs and reports. May use software applications to assemble, manipulate and/or format data.
  • Specific duties include generation, propagation, genotyping, and maintenance of plants, mutants and other important laboratory lines, harvesting and organizing seed inventories. Send out genetic materials to collaborators/colleagues as needed.
  • Those with biochemical expertise may be assigned for expression, purification, and refolding of recombinant proteins; perform protein-protein interaction assays in biochemical and/or yeast two-hybrid screen techniques; run column chromatography using automated FPLC system, and perform SDS-PAGE and Immunoblotting. Make chemical solutions and buffers as required.
  • Perform confocal microscopy imaging and other microscopy of plant tissues
  • Assist and perform maintenance and organization of recombinant proteins/E.coli, yeast, and plant strains.
  • Configure and operate laboratory apparatus and instruments; read and record instrument data; tabulate data; keep laboratory records, and coordinate equipment repairs. Specific equipment includes FPLC column chromatography system, centrifuge, ultracentrifuge, gel electrophoresis/immunoblot apparatus, and freezers/cold chamber.
  • May order chemicals, reagents, and other laboratory supplies. Manage routine synthetic peptide orders. Coordinate with chemical companies and suppliers.
  • Organize schedules and participate in interviews for undergraduate assistant applications, mentor beginning undergraduate assistants performing their lab chore tasks (such as autoclaving laboratory glassware, making plates for E.coli, yeast, and plant sterile cultures).
  • Participate in laboratory meetings and planning sessions.
  • Read literature applicable to research areas as required.
  • Perform the duties of a Research Technician as required.

Preferred Qualifications:
  • Bachelor of Science degree in an appropriate field of science or technology or equivalent in education and experience. Will flexibly consider those applicants with higher degrees (e.g. Master of Science) and further experience.
  • One year of experience minimum.
  • Detail oriented, meticulous, and highly organized.
  • Basic understanding of biochemistry and molecular genetics.
  • Experience in plant biology/molecular biology (DNA prep, plasmid construction, microscopy, plant care) or biochemistry (protein purification and column chromatography experience) is necessary.
  • Generally experienced in job duties and in the principles and practices associated with those duties with an understanding of the underlying scientific principles.
  • Ability to draft routine reports and keep accurate records of work performed.
  • Actively seeks opportunities to increase skills and expertise.
  • Able to learn complex tasks with general instruction.
  • Able to apply and use experience to perform a variety of new techniques.
  • Able to interact with postdoctoral researchers and graduate students and collaborate as necessary.

Additional Information:

Please include a cover letter and three references with your resume.

HHMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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