Postdoctoral Associate - Walther/Farese Lab - Structural Biology

    • Boston, MA

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We are seeking a Postdoctoral Associate to work within the shared labs of HHMI Investigator Dr. Tobias Walther and his collaborator Dr. Robert Farese. The Farese and Walther Laboratory studies the biochemistry of cellular lipid metabolism and homeostasis. Ultimately, the lab hopes to uncover the biochemical and physical principles that govern lipid balance and storage and to determine how alterations in lipid stores affect physiology and disease.

We are particularly interested in neutral lipid synthesis and Lipid Droplet biogenesis. For our joint laboratory, we seek an outstanding individual with Ph.D. training in biochemistry and/or structural biology to study the mechanistic basis of lipid synthesis and lipid droplet formation.

More information can be found on the lab's website:

General Qualifications:

  • Ph.D. and/or M.D./Ph.D. degree in structural biology, biochemistry, or molecular biology
    • Focus on X-ray crystallography, NMR or electron microscopy preferred
  • Effective communication skills, self-motivated, and a strong work ethic
  • Ability to work both independently and in a collaborative group environment
  • Strong publication record is highly preferred

Applicants should submit both their curriculum vitae, a detailed statement on how their experience and interests relate to our work, and the names/phone numbers of three people who could provide letters of reference.

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