Leader of Viral Tools


The Janelia Research Campus of HHMI is looking for an engaging and dynamic leader, to collaborate with Janelia Lab Heads on the use of viral tools in basic science research. Through an understanding of the changing landscape and state-of-the-art techniques, this leader can help Janelia scientists refine the use of viral vectors to achieve their research objectives. This individual will guide a team of research technicians and specialists, with a focus on customer service and quality control, who perform all upstream and downstream tasks in the development of a variety of viral vectors to support basic science research at Janelia and to HHMI Investigators at other institutions across the country. The facility performs high-throughput production of viral vectors, including AAV, Adeno, Lenti, and Rabies at small to medium scale. The ideal candidate will have a PhD in Virology with a focus on AAV biology in research applications and a minimum of five years post-graduate experience.

Essential Duties:

  • Serve as subject matter expert on viral tool production and use in research applications.
  • Works with research staff to understand their scientific needs for Viral Tools, including the development of new procedures.
  • Responsible for high-throughput production of viral tools, including AAV, Rabies, Lenti, and Adeno viral vectors, at small to medium scale to support basic science research. This includes both the upstream and downstream processes.
  • Develop and refine both upstream and downstream processes for viral tool production based on customer feedback.
  • Ensure quality control of the final viral vector product for the intended research application.
  • Maintain production schedule to ensure timely delivery of viral vectors to researchers.
  • Responsible for the fiscal and personnel management of the Viral Tools department.
  • Monitors performance and quality control metrics to ensure delivery of exceptional services with the allocated resources.

  • Ph.D. in virology with a focus on AAV Biology in research applications.
  • An equivalent combination of education and relevant work experience will be considered.

  • Minimum of five years' experience developing, producing, and working with genetically engineered viral vectors to support biomedical research.
  • Additional knowledge of rabies, lenti, and adeno viral vector production preferred.
  • Experience in a high-throughput viral vector production environment preferred.

Skills and Abilities:
  • Demonstrated technical skills in all aspects of viral vector production, including cloning, DNA preps, cell culture, and viral packaging.
  • Expertise in AAV biology including, but not limited to capsid design, vector optimization, and production.
  • Demonstrated skills in troubleshooting and quality control of viral vector preps.
  • Demonstrated customer service mindset.

Physical Requirements:
  • Occasionally lifts and /or carries objects weighing up to 35 pounds.

Work is typically in a normal office environment, but also involves possible exposure to experimental microbial agents and viral vectors, human cell lines, low dose radiation, contamination by toxic chemicals and acids, and presence of carcinogenic substances.

HHMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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