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    • Princeton, NJ

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is an independent, ever-evolving philanthropy that supports basic biomedical scientists and educators with the potential for transformative impact. We make long-term investments in people, not just projects, because we believe in the power of individuals to make breakthroughs over time. HHMI scientists have radically advanced the understanding of cells, the brain, the immune system, the development of organs, and how to treat many diseases. Founded in 1953 by aviator and industrialist Howard R. Hughes, HHMI is headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and employs more than 2,500 people across the U.S.

We are currently seeking an enthusiastic and dedicated Lab Manager to join the lab of Dr. Cliff Brangwynne at Princeton University. The Brangwynne lab works on understanding the biophysics of phase transitions in living cells and how different states of matter affect gene expression. Through combining concepts and tools from soft matter physics and molecular cell biology, they have revealed how shifts in material states drive the condensation of various liquid-like assemblies throughout the cell. More information on the Brangwynne lab can be found on their website:

The Lab Manager will hold an integral role within the lab - not only taking on the administrative duties involved in running the lab but also supporting and participating in the science. We're targeting someone highly organized, with excellent communication skills and a keen eye for detail. This is an opportunity to have a tremendous impact on the running of a lab - ensuring a positive and encouraging work environment that fosters a strong and cohesive team.

Principal Responsibilities

Administrative - 60%

  • Assist with managing the budget and spending oversight for the lab
  • Coordinate all ordering of supplies and ensure adequate maintenance of research requirements
  • Administer lab safety programs and train and monitor laboratory members as needed to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations
    • Manage yearly regulatory review process with various governing bodies to ensure compliance
  • Oversight of essential equipment and maintenance
  • Supervise management of the laboratory plasmid and cell line inventories
  • Coordinate lab orientation of all new lab members
  • Along with other duties as assigned by the Principle Investigator, the candidate will serve as a resource for both students and staff for a variety of issues.

Research - 40%
  • Work efficiently and cooperatively with a team of researchers in support of projects
  • Train new researchers on a variety of laboratory procedures, e.g. cell culture, PCR and Western Blot
  • Participate in laboratory meetings and planning sessions
  • Search out, read, discuss and apply relevant scientific literature
  • Assist other scientists as required

Required Qualifications

  • A. or B.S. in Biology or related field
  • 3-5 years of prior lab experience
  • Candidate must be self-motivated, energetic and able to work in a diverse laboratory environment
  • Knowledge of standard safety regulations and appropriate laboratory practices applying to research in biology and biochemistry; demonstrated ability to engage others effectively in learning and applying appropriate practices
  • Excellent organizational, communication, computer and record-keeping skills
  • Knowledge of computer and MS office software, as well as Mac software

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