Laboratory Manager

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is a science philanthropy whose mission is to advance biomedical research and science education for the benefit of humanity. We empower exceptional scientists and students to pursue fundamental questions about living systems, and work to share scientific discoveries with researchers, students, and science-curious individuals around the world.

Founded in 1953 by aviator and industrialist Howard R. Hughes, HHMI is headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and employs more than 2500 people across the U.S. Visit to learn more about working at HHMI.

The Laboratory Manager will be responsible for managing day-to-day activities within a large cancer research laboratory, including ensuring operation of essential equipment, maintaining adequate supplies for experimental procedures and assisting in pre and post award grant writing. The Laboratory Manager will meet with and work in conjunction with the PI, Animal Laboratory Manager and lab administrator to align goals for the entire lab, and collaboratively and independently determine processes required to achieve those goals. Responsibilities include the development and refining of online lab guidelines, protocols, the inventory system, and other lab organization tools used to sustain a highly organized, functioning lab. This position also serves as point of contact between the lab and venders and other university departments to promptly attend to any existing and new lab-operation issues. Responsibilities will also include, but are not limited to, consolidating and tracking all purchases, evaluating new techniques, technology, reagents, and general supplies/consumables for higher efficiency and performance while minimizing the costs, and ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations (IACUC, IBC, LS&EH, research support, etc…).

Job Details

Lab Operations: Time: 50%. Oversee and/or implement all policies governing the operation of the laboratory. The candidate will be responsible for grant application processes and deadlines, laboratory safety, protocols, equipment purchasing and maintenance procedures, monitoring of laboratory inventory, maintenance of laboratory server documents, orientation of new laboratory staff, and tracking laboratory spending in order to develop cost saving practices.

Along with other duties as assigned by the Principle Investigator, the candidate will be responsible for updating and maintaining MSKCC and HHMI webpages and set up and maintain laboratory social media accounts.

Research Management: Time: 30%. Support the collaborative research environment and provide guidance on technical and operational aspects of research proposals. Based on qualifications and experience, the candidate could work in conjunction with the Principal Investigator on the coordination of research projects in the laboratory.

Performance Expectations:

  • Assist with experiments where needed. Background in Flow Cytometry and/or immunochemistry is a plus.
  • Advise on technical procedures, techniques and equipment, and maintain conformance with specific operational standards.
  • Ensure that reagents and samples are sent to other laboratories in a complete and timely fashion, adhering to regulations that govern the shipment of hazardous substances. Represent the department/laboratory in interactions with other departments.

Financial Management: Time: 20%. Assist in the determination of fiscal requirements and in the preparation of budgetary recommendations. Compile and prepare reports and analyses setting forth progress, adverse trends, and appropriate recommendations or conclusions.

Performance Expectations:
  • Research and acquire quotes for major capital Write justifications for purchase.
  • Work directly with fund manager to evaluate monthly laboratory expenses and adjust budgets
  • Develops budgets for grant proposals. Participates in grant and contract proposal
  • In collaboration with fund manager, monitors funds, and follows up on outstanding

Education and Experience: Bachelor's degree in health or physical sciences. Three or more year's lab experience including at least 1 year's supervisory experience.

HHMI is an equal opportunity employer.

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