Security Software Engineer

Houzz is looking for a self-­motivated and curious software engineer to join our entrepreneurial, world­-class engineering team. As a large online community and e­Commerce website, it is imperative that we continue to employ industry best practices in security design throughout our platform. As a security software engineer you will have the opportunity to take part in all aspects of security for a rapidly growing company.


  • Design and build new features that make users and data more secure
  • Automate security policy analysis and error detection
  • Automate spam detection and blocking of malicious activities
  • Proactively identify and fix security vulnerabilities in the platform and network through audits and penetration testing
  • Provide expertise to other engineers in the designing and building of secure software
  • Establish and lead a security response team in case of crisis
  • Engage with the security community and employ industry best practices and learnings into our platform
  • Perform tasks that are often unstructured and address issues that many not be well defined, requiring new perspectives and creative approaches

Required Skills & Requirements

  • Strong foundation and in-­depth technical knowledge of security engineering, authentication, and communication protocols
  • Understanding of web application architecture
  • Experience with implementing and scaling host based and network based firewall and intrusion detection systems, and continuously monitor for suspicious activity
  • Experience implementing IPSEC, VPN, TLS
  • Strong in scripting and/or programming languages such as Python or Ruby
  • Experience with automating and securing cloud environments such as AWS
  • Must be fearless in learning new technologies and taking initiative
  • Past contributions to the security community is a plus

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