Full-Stack Software Engineer, Data Visualization

Houzz has the world's largest set of data about home remodeling and design trends.  We are looking for someone to work with our data engineers / analysts to provide meaningful ways to present this information internally and externally.  This work will be critical for understanding day to day operations of the business and also provide insight to our end users, our community of professionals, and our advertisers.  The perfect person for this role will be a full stack engineer, as comfortable in CSS as in writing SQL and have a passion for portraying information effectively and beautifully.


  • Develop internal dashboards to understand historical trends, usage behaviors, and report metrics
  • Create newer more powerful views into home remodeling preferences for our professionals and user community
  • Work with data team to understand how data is collected and what information it might convey
  • Work with the rest of development to produce useful A/B test dashboards and reports on new features


  • Familiarity with web-based data visualization frameworks such as D3
  • Expertise with HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Python, and relational databases (e.g. MySQL); previous experience with Hadoop and Hive is a plus
  • Expertise with statistical concepts such as deviation, confidence limit, and significance
  • Understands web development patterns such as MVC, backbone.js, and Django and both service-based and RESTful architecture
  • Can verbally create clear pictures for others; can articulate reasoning for applying different information techniques to data sets
  • Degree in CS, Human-Computer Interaction, Information Science, Information Graphics, or related field

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