Senior Android Software Engineer

HomeAway is an Expedia portfolio company with a passion for building beautiful, functionally flawless and useful mobile applications to enable the thriving vacation rental business.  We’re looking for an empathetic, self-aware, hard-working, experienced and continually learning Sr. Android Software Engineer to join our mobile team colocated at our downtown Austin, TX office.  
You will love this role if you’re looking for an environment:

- That challenges you to think deeply about software architectural choices
- Where it’s ok to invest time into your craft, including time for reading books and attending conferences
- Where you’ll be encouraged to utilize the best tool for the problem, including the latest tools, libraries and SDK’s for Android development
- Where Android design isn’t an afterthought
- That’s supportive of risk taking (it’s ok to mess up, let’s all work together to make it right)
- Where processes exist only to help people make progress in their work and concerns about too much process are taken very seriously
- Where you have a tangible opportunity to impact real people's lives in a positive way
- Existing in a supportive company that values diversity and is empathetic to individuals’ needs
The HomeAway mobile team has two apps, each available for iOS and Android. The traveler app specializes in helping people find a great vacation rental for their upcoming trip, and the owner app helps people market their vacation rental and communicate with potential travelers. The main feature set of the owner app includes:

- An email inbox style messaging feature to enable prompt communication and rental quote/billing creation to travelers interested in booking an owner’s property
- A reservation management system that allows owners to see the availability of their properties, and when new travelers are arriving and departing
- A listing management feature that allows owners to update how their property is displayed to travelers and keep tabs on how their property is performing within HomeAway
- An activity feed that ensures owners are always up to date with the most relevant information regarding their properties
As a Sr. Engineer of the Android owner app team you’ll be the driving force behind ensuring our Android owner app is a world-class offering on Google Play. You will ensure that the app performs well, that each code change by all team members leaves the codebase maintainable, that the visual design is meticulously up to spec, that the apk size is efficient and that the platform specific offerings of Android are utilized for a truly native experience. You will be our Android technical expert.
You will also help define new features. You will work to gain a solid understanding of our owners’ needs, and offer constructive critiques of planned features that might not necessarily meet those needs. You’ll help the team work to complete each release in a timely manner, balancing wisely competing concerns to deliver a great product. You’ll have a respectful and empathetic tone to everyone, including to less experienced engineers on the team, with a genuine concern for helping them grow as Android engineers. You’ll be willing to learn from everyone, communicate well and strive to be an effective team member.
- Great Medical & Dental Plans
- Highly Competitive Salary
- Target Annual Bonus
- 4 weeks Paid Vacation
- Free Vacation Rental on a Yearly Basis (taxable benefit)
- Ability to work up to two weeks in any of our offices around the world on a yearly basis
- Free Snacks
- Weekly company update talks with our C-Team
- Free Listing on
- Company Stock (RSUs)
- Employee Stock Purchase Program

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