Vertica Senior Software Data Management Engineer

Do you consider yourself a systems software engineer? Someone who enjoyed an OS course, likes to noodle over algorithms and hates to see idle CPUs. If so, then we’ve got a great opportunity for you.

HPE Vertica is seeking motivated, experienced individual for opportunities as a Senior Systems Software Engineer in Pittsburgh, PA.


HPE Vertica is headquartered in Cambridge, MA but we have a fast growing, highly effective team in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Pittsburgh Team leads Hadoop integration, backup and restore and database recovery. We drive a SQL on Hadoop project which blends the power, performance and robustness of the Vertica database with the scale and flexibility of HDFS. We’re revolutionizing backup and restore and database recovery, making these operations efficient on petabyte scale databases.

A little about us:

HPE Vertica is a leading big-data database that routinely handles petabytes of data and processes tens of terabytes throughput-per-hour on commodity hardware. Vertica Systems was founded by MIT professor, big-data guru and Turing Award winner Michael Stonebreaker. We continue to maintain strong relationships with the academic community.

The HPE Vertica Team maintains a startup-like culture and benefits from numerous resources available within Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The core engineering team remains small and sharp. We deal with bleeding edge problems, come up with industry-leading solutions and have fun doing it.

HPE Vertica is THE place to do databases, distributed systems and analytics work.

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or PhD in Computer Science, Engineering or related field

Knowledge and Skills

Basics: systems level coding, algorithms and data structures

Languages: C , Java, Python, SQL

Technical Areas: database internals, distributed systems, analytics

Special skills: performance, scalability and understanding the foundations of databases or integrated systems

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