Senior Product Owner

Product Manager

You will be responsible for the delivery, on-going success and continuous improvement of one or more digital products and/or platforms. You will:

● Lead one or more multi disciplinary agile delivery teams to deliver excellent new products and/or iterations to existing products to meet user needs.

● Gather user requirements based on a communicable understanding of diverse audience groups

● Define and get user buy in for product definition and delivery approach.

● Create effective, prioritised product descriptions and delivery plans to meet user needs in a cost effective way

● Interpret user research in order to make the correct product decisions, noting that users do not always know what they want

● Keep continually abreast of changes to user habits, preferences and behaviours across various digital platforms and their implications for successful delivery of government digital services

● Underpin the delivery and iteration of digital services through effective analysis of qualitative and quantitative user data

● Disseminate an understanding of the digital marketplace, including best practice, costs, suppliers, methodologies and skills to both internal and external stakeholders

● Communicate credibly with a wide range of digital delivery disciplines and talent both internally and externally

● Be actively involved across partner and user communities to promote the department’s principles and foster a collaborative approach to solution delivery and engagement.

Setting Direction – Changing and Improving


● Encourage a culture of innovation focused on adding value – give people space to think creatively

● Effectively capture, utilise and share customer insight and views from a diverse range of stakeholders to ensure better policy and delivery

● Spot warning signs of things going wrong and provide a decisive response to significant delivery challenges

Setting Direction – Seeing the Big Picture


● Bring together views and perspectives of stakeholders to gain a wider picture of the landscape surrounding activities and policies

Setting Direction – Making Effective Decisions


● Push decision making to the right level within their teams, not allow unnecessary bureaucracy and structure to suppress innovation and delivery.

Engaging People – Leading and Communicating


● Confidently engage with stakeholders and colleagues at all levels to generate commitment to goals

Engaging People – Collaborating and Partnering


● Actively involve partners to deliver a business outcome through collaboration that achieves better results for citizens

● Effectively manage team dynamics when working across Departmental and other boundaries.

Engaging People – Building Capability for All


● Ensure that individual and organisational learning and talent development opportunities are fully exploited in order to enhance organisational capability

Delivering Results – Managing a Quality Service


● Work effectively with different organisations such as private sector and voluntary groups (in tandem with commercial experts) to commission and source solutions to achieve policy and organisational goals

● Interact confidently and effectively as an intelligent and highly credible customer with counterparts from the commercial delivery organisations and commercial experts

Delivering Results – Delivering at Pace


● Clarify business priorities, roles and responsibilities and secure individual and team ownership

Specialist Skills / Expertise


● Have been responsible for delivery and ongoing management of high quality, digital products.

Meet Some of Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Employees

Jeremy H.

Business Compensation Manager

Jeremy ensures all HPE employees are properly compensated for their contributions to the company, helping to retain top talent and market leaders for the organization.

Cat G.

Research Scientist

Cat works in the HPE lab, exploring and designing new devices that become the building blocks for the computation creations of the future.

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