Region Counsel / 法務担当





主として、契約書ひな型の作成、及び顧客と締結する契約書の作成や交渉に関連する 業務全般(顧客交渉含む)






そして、2017年4月以降にグローバルITサービス大手のCSCと 経営統合しITサービスに


■Company description

Enterprise Services (“ES”) business has just became an independent company from HPE in Japan.

New company’s name is “Nihon Enterprise service”.

And, after 1 April 2017, new company and CSC that is creating a global IT services powerhouse will merge as new IT service company.

Provides legal expertise to support client decisions in a country or sub-region, including performing commercial transactions and program review, drafting, and negotiation.

Promotes legal awareness and leads legal training activities for clients in a country.

Identifies, analyzes and resolves complex local legal issues.

Concurrently works on multiple legal issues and projects for various client organizations within a country.

Scope typically includes working on multiple projects, and resolving business unit and function-level client issues.

Impact typically includes resolving significant legal issues in limited practices areas.





・社内外の関係者と、英語でコミュニケーション(speaking, listening, writing)が







Education and Experience

Advanced university degree in law (e.g. JD or LLB).

Meets local legal license requirements.

Typically 4-6 years commercial legal experience at a law firm or in-house.

Well-developed level of business experience supporting clients or advising on legal matters

Knowledge and Skills

Well-developed breadth of practical legal and business knowledge, as well as in-depth knowledge in one or more practice areas.

Good knowledge of local/regional laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.

Awareness of international legal environmental law

Well-developed competence and experience in negotiating or advising on legal and business matters, or focused competency in particular practice areas.

Able to translate complex legal or factual issues into plain language communications.

English language skills to business standard preferred.

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