Lead Software Engineer

    • Mumbai, India

What's the role?

Automotive Product Engineering team is responsible for development of high throughput low latency systems. We are looking for someone who is :

Smart – Someone who understands how all software components fit together. From persisting data to message processing, you understand how to create a highly scalable, highly available system deployed in the cloud (Storm, Akka, Spark, Kafka, Zookeeper and all things AWS). You have a good understanding of Linux and container systems (Docker, ECS, Kubernetes).
Fast learner – Never Stop Learning! We are hiring Software Engineers who love to learn new things. You have advanced knowledge of a statically typed Objected Oriented language (Java) and working knowledge of at least one scripting language (JavaScript, Python, Bash). You stay up to date with the latest technology trends
Team Player – No one is an Island! Our teams are highly collaborative. You believe that a team can accomplish more than one person working alone and continuous improvement is key to a team’s success. When you learn something new you are eager to share your findings with others
Adaptable – Our products are evolving and as they evolve our technical solutions evolve as well. You easily pick up new technologies and use those technologies to tackle problems in creative and innovative ways. You use processes like Agile and Lean to enable software development.
Driven – Figure it out! Creating and delivering valuable software is your top priority. You know your code will work because it is covered in tests. TDD and BDD are your main methods of achieving high test coverage. To deliver quickly, you believe automation is key

Who are you?

Job Requirement :
• Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Computer Science/Information Systems or equivalent
• 8+ years of engineering experience
• Prior experience with Big data domain
• Prior experience with AWS, Spark or Flink
• Excellent teammate with the ability to work within a collaborative environment
• Creative, resourceful and innovative problem solver
• Great communication skills (including active listening and comprehending requirements)
Extra points
• Experience using Google Protocol Buffers
• Familiar with Agile methodology
• Experience with BDD and TDD

Who are we?

Ever checked in somewhere on social media? Ever tracked your online orders? You might be using HERE Technologies every single day without even realizing it. You can find us everywhere: in vehicles, smartphones, drones or third-party apps. We believe that with the right people, we will continue to be a game-changer in the technology industry and improve the daily lives of people around the world. Find out more by clicking the video below or going HERE.


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