Senior Editor, Harper's Bazaar Snapchat

This position is responsible for conceptualizing, editing and producing Harper's BAZAAR's weekly editions on Snapchat Discover. The role oversees a team of designers, providing art direction to ensure visual content is on-brand and adheres to our style guide, and managing the workflow process and timeline/deadlines. Responsibilities include:

  • Plan editorial calendar for future editions and generate themes that will feel relevant and timely
  • Manage the project timeline from concept to post-production in a fast-paced work environment with tight/strict deadlines, and ensure all team members are on schedule and have everything they need to complete the edition in a timely and thoughtful manner
  • Constantly generate new and unique ideas for content that will be fresh and engaging to our audience, thinking beyond the standard articles and photo galleries to things like game-ified content, memes, shareable moments, infographics, etc
  • Edit the content for weekly editions, which includes mining the site for existing stories and syndication opportunities that fit the theme, updating/repurposing existing content to feel fresh and new for the Snapchat Discover platform, writing original stories as needed to flesh out the lineup, and sourcing all visuals and videos for each piece of content
  • Provide art direction to designer/animator for how the visual design should look and move in order to best support the content and further the storytelling, while also being visually stimulating, beautiful, and stylistically on-brand
  • Storyboard each edition to ensure a strong visual flow and healthy mix between topsnap-only content, longform articles and longform videos - with the goal of keeping the audience engaged and excited throughout
  • Create and maintain a highly detailed and organized Google doc with copy/assets/direction for each weekly edition, to which the designer/animator can refer
  • Work directly in the CMS to input, organize and format content, test tile images and headlines for the lead story and interior content, and schedule editions
  • Work with the video production team to generate and execute original video concepts specifically for Snapchat Discover
  • Work in partnership with other editors to stay abreast on the editorial calendar and occasionally assign stories.
  • Monitor the performance dashboard and analyze data for each edition, identifying significant takeaways and strategies that could help improve future editions, and/or adjustments that could be made immediately to boost performance of a live edition
  • Send weekly data reports outlining performance metrics for each edition and evaluating KPIs for successes, weaknesses, and opportunities to improve and grow
  • Closely follow other publishers and brands on Snapchat Discover, drawing inspiration and assessing the competitive landscape to ensure Harper's BAZAAR stands out and stays ahead of the curve
  • Coordinate with the sales team to align themes with ad placement opportunities and identify planned editions that could be easily sponsored. In addition, keep the sales team informed of any relevant examples or analytics that could be helpful as they pitch clients
  • Promote Snapchat Discover editions on Harper's BAZAAR's other social media platforms to drive unique viewers and subscriptions to our channel
  • Repurpose content created specifically for a Snapchat edition and publish the strongest of these stories to as well, that they may continue to perform on the site even after the edition comes down
  • Stay current on the latest pop culture, fashion, beauty, and celebrity trends/news

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