Front End Developer

Who We Are

We’re Hearst Autos and we are going to change the way consumers buy automobiles. With a recognized brand – Car and Driver – and the best editorial team in the automotive industry – we’re cutting a new path! We are looking for entrepreneurial-minded thought leaders across many disciplines. And, we mean business.

We’re building an agile, and startup-esque technology and product team to support the amazing and legendary brand.

How are you with acronyms? We’re seeking someone who’s brilliant with HTML5, CSS3, DOM, and JSON. Do you speak Agile? Are you comfortable juggling competing priorities, complex project plans, providing input to scrums (and we’re not talking rugby, OK?). You’ll be responsible for translating requirements into a fully-functioning mobile-first redesign of a highly-trafficked responsive website. Are you up for a challenge?

The Front End Developer will work closely with the CTO, Product Owner(s), UX, and other Dev team members to collaborate on solving business problems.


  • Manage the front end (duh!). But also seek to understand and contribute to the back-end structure and connections/APIs/etc.
  • Manage expectations. Is it really going to take that long to develop that thing?
  • Help with stories/scenarios. Actively participate in the scrum/Agile process.
  • Be a team player. Work with Product, Dev, Scrum leads, and UX to make it all work.


  • Working knowledge of Javascript frameworks (preferably AngularJS).
  • A demonstrated track record of successfully delivering complex projects with demanding deadlines.
  • Ability to translate technical information to non-geeks.
  • Good project management skills, attention to details, and ability to stay on task.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. But interpretative dance is great too!
  • Ability to not panic during times of crisis (or at least remain calm).
  • Strong analytical, problem solving and diagnostic skills. Or ability to fake it.
  • A roll-up-the-sleeves get-it-done self-directed mindset. Entrepreneurs welcome.
  • Have purchased a vehicle. Or drove one. Or have ridden in one.


  • 2+ years in a Development role. Ability to reference examples of your prior work.
  • Familiarity with the Agile Scrum software development methodology.

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