Associate Writer Producer


A junior writer/producer who is developing creative and conceptual skills and who has basic writing and producing skills. Typically assigned to produce format or format-related productions, i.e., updates of previously created promotions. Intermittently assigned to produce midlevel productions, i.e., more standard, semi-complex productions. Intermittently supports the staff on high-level productions, Produces format productions independently with regular management oversight. Produces midlevel productions with frequent guidance from senior staff and frequent management oversight.


  • Edits video elements such as on-air break elements and basic teasers/bumpers.
  • Assists the team in loading footage, creating, writing and/or editing content along with logistical project oversight.
  • Gathers news and other information for use within productions.
  • Logs and times-out clips.
  • Developing creative marketing skills.
  • Basic writing and production skills.
  • Working knowledge of several post-production editing (AVID), video, writing and producing functions.

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