Senior Software Engineer

Job Description

This position is responsible for develop in Stonebranch, configuration, interface design, coding, problem resolution and application support.


  • Design, development and validate specific solutions based on Stonebranch technology
  • Administration of Stonebranch IT Process Automation platform


  • Proven Experience in Workload Automation design and implementation utilizing Stonebranch Universal Automation Center. Strong abilities as a Stonebranch Administrator/Developer with strong understanding of workload automation design, coding and configuration; including dependencies, step sequencing and alerting on abnormal conditions.
  • Must possess a strong understanding of several operating systems, including Microsoft, Linux
  • Expert ability with programming and scripting languages including, but not limited to shell scripting 
  • 8-10 years of experience with at least 2+ years in Stonebranch
  • Strong experience with Oracle11g, PL/Sql
  • MySQL

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