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Guidewire serves a global community of more than 350 insurers of all sizes and lines of business in more than 30 countries. Community feedback enables us to stay at the forefront of what is happening all over the world in P&C and to incorporate insights into the design of our platform to be truly customer centric.

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UX @ Guidewire

Love solving sticky problems? Excited about crafting innovative solutions for global software? Interested in working on products that touch everyone’s lives? Come work with us! We’re a close-knit and multidisciplinary UX team working to make cloud software that is at the forefront of the property and casualty insurance industry. From manipulating big data to the latest opportunities in cyber risk, we design solutions that help insurance consumers have a seamless and delightful experience interacting with their insurance company. The space is complex, challenging, and a lot of fun!

We are a team of User Experience practitioners committed to inclusion and diversity in skills and talent, as diverse as the global clients we serve. Our success is dependent on building teams that include people from different backgrounds and experiences who will support and challenge each other's assumptions with fresh perspectives. We believe in a design thinking approach and view UX as a team sport relying on close collaboration with our all our business partners. We are part of the larger product development organization and, as designers, we recognize the imperative to understand the business domain within which we work as we often interact with business users at global insurance carriers.


 Things we love as Guidewire Designers

  • Thinking strategically and delving into the details of both the experience and technology
  • Analyzing diverse inputs and finding patterns in complexity
  • Designing useful, usable, and valuable omnichannel experiences
  • Executing innovative, and scalable solutions based on our Design System, Jutro
  • Achieving awesome results in the enterprise software market through well designed and engaging experiences

The right candidate:

  • Has 1 -2 years of experience user experience design and design research (gathering and synthesizing information, as well as generating insights) for B2B2C products.
  • Has experience with uncovering technical requirements based on user journeys.
  • Has a mastery of information architecture, design methods and artifacts, such as interaction flows, taxonomies, flow diagrams, mental models, content inventories, wireframes, etc.
  • Has experience and is comfortable co-facilitating conversations with a diverse group of stakeholders and provide a productive, enjoyable, collaborative experience.
  • Is familiar with design thinking, lean and agile approaches to creating software, and brings a commitment to learn and improve.
  • Is comfortable with frequent collaboration between design and product/development teams.
  • Has strong written and presentation skills ­– likes to tell compelling stories.
  • Has experience with cloud-based applications and complex business processes a plus.
  • Has experience with complex data and data visualization a plus.

How we work:


  • We build on each other’s ideas. We are committed to creating synergy and allowing for ‘ah-ha’ moments.
  • Open and honest. We’re a healthy workgroup that respectfully debates at times and are committed to figuring it out. #keepItPositiveAndProductive.
  • We like learning and are curious. There’s power in knowing what you don’t know and then filling in the knowledge gaps. Whether that be design or domain-related—The sky’s the limit!
  • Confidence with humilityWe value your thoughts and insights and recognize there are a lot of smart people we work with on our teams.
  • Coachable and teachable. A growth mindset is critical to the best performing teams. Our commitment to every designer is to provide learning opportunities that both match and stretch their skills.

The ideal candidate will share our core values: COLLEGIALITY, INTEGRITY, and RATIONALITY.

Collegiality - We value strong teams. We work together as professional equals. We strive to continuously improve our processes and make realistic assumptions to maintain a reasonable work-life balance. We are trusted to manage our own time. We value ideas, not titles. We welcome and consider contrary opinions. 

Integrity - We insist on truthful relationships with customers, prospective customers, partners, investors, and each other in everything that we do.

Rationality - We communicate through clear arguments. We decide carefully based on factual evidence. We like calm, systematic, thoughtful solutions. We believe in testing. We never assume that we're building software the "best" way, and constantly seek to improve our processes. 

About Guidewire

Guidewire exists to deliver the industry platform that P&C insurers rely upon to adapt and succeed in a time of accelerating change—and to ensure that every customer succeeds in the journey. We provide the software, services, and partner ecosystem to enable our customers to run, differentiate, and grow their business. 

Guidewire Insurance Platform is the P&C industry platform that unifies software, services, and partner ecosystem to power our customers’ business. Insurance Platform provides the standard upon which insurers can engage their customers, optimize their operations, drive smart decisions, and innovate quickly. We are privileged to serve more than 450 P&C insurers in 32 countries. We invest heavily in R&D to build a technology platform that combines three elements—core processing, data and analytics, and digital engagement—to enhance insurers’ ability to engage and empower their customers and employees. Their primary areas of focus are to ensure alignment of that architecture with business objectives and high-level company technology direction.

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