Software Development Engineer in Test - Foster City, CA

As a Software Engineer in Test, you will have the opportunity to design and implement test and deployment infrastructure to help drive the direction of the team towards ever increasing quality, continuous delivery and productize test frameworks. You will work closely with stakeholders such as Product Managers, QA Engineers, and Architects to understand automation gaps and subsequently collaborate to address them. You will be syncing up with our DevOps and Hosted Ops team to help enable features such as a continuous pipeline, next-gen CI, etc.


You will need solid people skills to collaborate closely with teammates and show leadership and initiative to drive projects through to completion.  A passion for exploring new tools and keeping current with new technologies is a must. 



  • Help solve testing-specific challenges which constrain iterative delivery
  • Reduce manual effort spent on setting up environments
  • Generate more realistic suite-level data
  • Build business driven, sophisticated and maintainable automated test suites to test our universe of products and components
  • Productize and make test frameworks available to customers to meet their testing needs
  • Gather metrics and provide test coverage analysis based on automated test results
  • Research emerging technologies, tools, and platforms and ascertain when, how or if they should be used
  • Continuously improve speed, quality, and ease of testing



  • 3+ years of hand-on experience building new and extending existing automation frameworks
  • A self-motivated team player with good communication and collaboration skills
  • Strong knowledge of Java and testing tools such as JUnit, TestNg
  • Familiarity with software design principles and patterns
  • Possess a strong focus on testing - acting as a proponent of a test-driven and iterative development culture
  • Experience with BDD (Behavioral Driven Development) and TDD (Test Driven Development)
  • Experience with either Jenkins, TeamCity, or another CI framework
  • Experience with Selenium, Selenium Grid tooling and Container-based virtualization (Docker)

Intermediate to Senior

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