Software Developer Engineer in Test – Dublin, Ireland

Software Developer Engineer in Test – Dublin, Ireland

At Guidewire, we value people at every stage of their career and try to minimize the barriers to collaboration. It is reflected in how we communicate with each other company-wide and on projects. Every engineer and consultant brings something to the table as we encourage diversity and openness. We strive for integrity in all that we do: truthful relationships with customers, prospective customers, partners, investors, and each other. As we grow, our commitment to integrity has only increased.

We prize clear, rational and collaborative communications that is plainly based on logic, total commitment to quality, and making fact-based decisions. You would be working on a team that is comprised of professional equals with a minimum of hierarchy. It’s more about what you do and not care about job titles.

Our customers are insurance companies, and insurance software is surprisingly complex, difficult to get right, and actually a lot of fun to work on. Demand for our software is on the rise, and we are growing to meet the needs of the market.

What will I be working on?

The insurance industry is in a phase of rapid change and disruption. Guidewire is investing in redefining how our customers configure our product as we seek to enable our customers to be more agile in their reactions to market needs and opportunities.

This is a high priority, high visibility opportunity to define an infrastructure that will span our core products and entire suite in the mid to long term. You will influence how Guidewire builds software in the future. You will be involved in full stack development in a Cloud native environment. Work with an enterprise-class software product company deploying small, best-in-class teams to tackle complex problems in an Agile environment. Insurance core systems must be capable of supporting thousands of concurrent users, millions of transactions, and integration to complex enterprise IT environments. We work on demanding software engineering projects for our core system built on modern service-oriented enterprise architecture, with no legacy code.

Your contribution will be at all layers: architectural, process and product decisions at this early stage of development.

As a Software Developer Engineer in Test, you will have a product first mind set. You will be building excellent quality, long term sustainable products in a way that releases customer value early and often. You will be part of an Agile and Lean focused team. We require you to be dedicated to continued improvement of yourself, the team and the product.


What Skills should I have?

We care most about your critical thinking skills and your ability to focus on building great product experiences. We aim to delight our customers. Experience with most the following is desired:

  • Proven experience of implementing automation tools to support a team's agile testing strategy.
  • Passionate and vocal exponent of all aspects of product development quality.
  • Experience of working in a highly blended team of software engineers that are responsible for all aspects of software delivery.
  • We are primarily a Java house. However, we are more concerned with your OOP craftsmanship than your experience with Java. We are very receptive to innovative solutions to problems so experience with other programming paradigms is welcome.
  • Openness to learn new technologies in every layer of the tech stack.
  • Have an Agile mindset with a dedication to continuous improvement.
  • Self-motivated with excellent organisation skills. We don’t micro-manage, we trust you to define and handle your own work.
  • Maturity to give and receive feedback in a collegial manner.
  • Experience with messaging and web services.
  • Experience with a no ops cloud deployment model is highly beneficial.
  • Excellent communication skills both written and spoken. We have a culture of rationality and inclusion, so you should be able to promote and defend your ideas.
  • BSc in Computer Science or equivalent from third-level or higher education institution

Meet Some of Guidewire's Employees

Olga B.

Product Management Manager

Olga encourages and empowers her team to recognize and interpret customer needs so that their important input can be incorporated into continuous product evolution.

Terese V.

UX Designer

Terese helps create products for customers by researching new and existing technologies, conducting in-depth user testing, and collaborating with developers to integrate her findings into project processes.

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