Engineering Manager – Digital, Dublin, Ireland

Engineering Manager – Digital, Dublin, Ireland

Role Description

Do you enjoy working with highly-skilled, self-motivated colleagues? Do you have experience building large-scale enterprise software solutions using modern technologies? Do you enjoy working in an Agile environment? If so, Guidewire has an opportunity for you. 

We are looking for an experienced, thoughtful, and highly-skilled Manager to build and lead the Guidewire Digital Engineering Team in Dublin/Ireland. In addition to hiring and fostering the career growth of the engineers on your team, there is a degree of coordination required with various within the Product Development department and in support of our worldwide Services organization. 

At Guidewire, we believe that it is crucial to focus on quality from inception, set realistic release dates, and build functionality that our customers truly need.  As a result, our products are recognized as the best in the industry and are a huge part of our success in the market. 

Guidewire Digital Products

Guidewire Digital products provide real-time, self-service transactional insurance experiences for policyholders, agents and brokers, customer service representatives and service vendors – from anywhere and on any device. Guidewire Digital integrates seamlessly with Guidewire core systems and are tailored to the needs of each end user to facilitate navigation, streamline business processes and promote customer satisfaction. Insurers around the globe use Guidewire Digital Products to manage their insurance lifecycles, lower operating costs and meet and exceed the digital expectations of today’s consumers. 

What will I be doing?

As a key member of the development team, you will:

  • Ensure high-quality, on-time delivery of our digital product solutions.
  • Reinforce and continuously improve our software development process.
  • Manage a team of software engineers, encourage and foster their professional growth.
  • Lead effort to hire and on-board highly skilled software engineers.
  • Empower self-directed engineers and offer guidance and coaching as needed.
  • Provide regular performance feedback.
  • Handle administrative people management responsibilities.
  • Ensure effective communication and collaboration across multiple teams in the organization
  • Work with other Engineering Managers to foster open communication and consistency across product development.
  • Coordinate with your peers in Quality Assurance, Product Management and Program Management.
  • Collaborate with the Dev Ops Team to ensure that Guidewire’s build and test infrastructure meets your team’s needs. 

We have a work environment that encourages individual initiative, experiments with new ideas for continuous improvement, and lets great people do great work by minimizing the hassles of hierarchy and bureaucracy. You must be a self-starter and able to perform with minimal supervision while working in a team environment, communicating effectively with Engineers and Product Managers. 

What skills or experience do I need to have?

  • Several years experience in leading development teams with consistently successful, high-quality, on time software delivery throughout the full software development life cycle.
  • Experience with agile software development.
  • Experience designing and developing large-scale, complex, software applications.
  • Strong software development skills, including the ability to read and write code and a practical knowledge of Java.
  • Experience in API Development ( e.g. JSON, REST API ).
  • Experience in Frontend Frameworks such as Angular JS and React JS.
  • Experience building automation scripts and tools to support CI&CD pipeline.
  • Experience with Cloud Solutions / AWS.
  • Experience in configuration management, build systems, source control and bug tracking.
  • An understanding of testing and the practice of test-driven development.
  • Ability to maintain composure under pressure.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • BSc in Computer Science or equivalent from third-level or higher education institution. 

Guidewire Ireland

Established in 2011, Guidewire’s Irish centre helps meet a growing global customer demand for expertise in implementing Guidewire’s products. The Dublin-based European Development Centre, Guidewire’s third global development team, was established to extend our core applications to accelerate the delivery of critical new product functionality to our customers. The team builds both global capabilities and content for specific countries and locales. We use the same rigorous, quality-focused methodology that Guidewire’s customers have come to expect from the rest of the core system suite. Our Digital team was established in 2013 to build new products from the ground up that seamlessly expand our core systems solution footprint.

Why Guidewire? 

  • Every individual has the opportunity to make an impact on the business and processes.
  • In the words of Marcus Ryu, one of our original founders:

“In starting Guidewire, our primary motivation was to build a better company. We wanted Guidewire to be different from other places we had worked: more honest, more dedicated to customers, more committed to quality. We would always tell the truth, hire the most capable people we could find, and foster a collaborative, high-performing work environment. And we would meet a fundamental market need.”

  • The mission then translates into core values that we live by daily: We value integrityin everything we do; an atmosphere of collegiality – we help each other to ensure customer success and operate as a meritocracy; and rationality – making decisions based on factual evidence.
  • Work with an enterprise enterprise-class software product company with skilled teams solving complex problems in an Agile environment. Insurance core systems must be capable of supporting thousands of concurrent users, millions of transactions, and integration to complex enterprise IT environments.  Moreover, they must have the complete reliability and performance required of financial systems-of-record. 
  • We work with the latest web technologies, ensuring that our solution continues to evolve and provides the best outcome for our customers.
  • At Guidewire we invest in and grow our own talent from within. Engineers have the opportunity to learn more about the products and new technologies via training and certifications in their first month and continuously

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